Monday, January 12, 2009

Location of First Aid Kits & First Aid Cabinets

OSHA regulations require a workplace to have a first aid kit readily available if emergency medical services are farther than 3-4 minutes away. This somewhat strict interpretation of the OSHA regulations means that almost all workplaces are required to have a first aid kit and also to have someone who is first aid trained.

Regarding the location of first aid supplies, OSHA says...
"The first aid supplies should be located in an easily accessible area, and the first aid provider generally should not have to travel through several doorways, hallways and/or stairways to access first aid supplies. " Larger workplaces may need additional first aid kits to meet this requirement.

For more information about choosing a workplace appropriate first aid kit, please see out blog post entitled, "OSHA Required First Aid Kits."

First aid training programs are also available from National Safety Compliance.

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