Wednesday, April 3, 2013

First Aid Program Fundamental Part 9: Trainee Assessment, Skills Update, Program Update

Trainee Assessment

Assessment of successful completion of the first-aid training program should include instructor observation of acquired skills and written performance assessments.

Skills Update

First-aid responders may have long intervals between learning and using CPR and AED skills. Numerous studies have shown a retention rate of 6-12 months of these critical skills. The American Heart Association’s Emergency Cardiovascular Care Committee encourages skills review and practice sessions at least every 6 months for CPR and AED skills. Instructor-led retraining for life threatening emergencies should occur at least annually. Retraining for non-life-threatening response should occur periodically.

Program Update

The first-aid program should be reviewed periodically to determine if it continues to address the needs of the specific workplace. Training, supplies, equipment and first-aid policies should be added or modified to account for changes in workplace safety and health hazards, worksite locations and worker schedules since the last program review. The first-aid training program should be kept up-to date with current first-aid techniques and knowledge. Outdated training and reference materials should be replaced or removed.

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