Tuesday, June 4, 2013

5 Reasons to Get CPR Training

OSHA has developed a PowerPoint Presentation regarding the necessity of emergency preparedness in remote work zones.  The following is a snippet of information regarding cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR):
5 Reasons to Get CPR Training:
  1. By the time someone needs CPR they are dead.
  2. Being helpless in a crisis situation is a horrible feeling. When the victim is a friend or coworker you will want to know how you can help.
  3. CPR training teaches you how to handle a situation where you need to take control and give commands.
  4. CPR training teaches you how to use a defibrillator.
  5. CPR training will teach you how to keep yourself safe in an emergency situation.
Being trained in CPR is crucial for anyone. More trained citizens means a safer and faster acting community.
Many organizations offer CPR training. National Safety Council and the Red cross are a couple of examples.
The key aims of first aid can be summarized in three key points:
  • Preserve life
  • Prevent further harm
  • Promote recovery
First aid training also involves the prevention of initial injury and responder safety, and the treatment phases.

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