Monday, October 5, 2015

The Risks: Assess the risks and design a first-aid program specific for the worksite cont'd

Figure 3 reflects total injuries and illnesses by NAICS sector based on 2004 BLS data. Data that are more specific to businesses within these sectors may be obtained from the BLS website.

 The graph in Figure 4 shows the number of injuries and illnesses in private industry by the type of event or exposure responsible for them that resulted in days away from work in 2004. More detailed data may be found on the BLS website.

Employers should make an effort to obtain estimates of EMS response times for all permanent and temporary locations and for all times of the day and night at which they have workers on duty, and they should use that information when planning their first-aid program. When developing a workplace first-aid program, consultation with the local fire and rescue service or emergency medical professionals may be helpful for response time information and other program issues. Because it can be a workplace event, SCA should be considered by employers when planning a first-aid program.

It is advisable to put the First-Aid Program policies and procedures in writing. Policies and procedures should be communicated to all employees, including those workers who may not read or speak English. Language barriers should be addressed both in instructing employees on first-aid policies and procedures and when designating individuals who will receive first-aid training and become the on-site first-aid providers.

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